Room Parent How To: Compiling a Class Roster & Creating a Welcome Letter

Glen Haven Elementary School PTA, Room Parent Committee

Steps for Compiling a Roster & Creating a Welcome Letter

  1. A PTA member from the Room Parent Committee will provide you with the forms collected from your classroom teacher at open house, back to school night, and in some cases, when teachers sent them home. Ask your teacher for a class list as well, so you can include every child in the class on the roster.  Just simply list the child’s first name and leave the rest of the info blank if the parent did not choose to share their contact info.  If you have majority of parents’ contact info in your class, you are ready to make a roster using a format like this example.
  2. When your roster is ready for distribution, make enough copies for one to go to home to each child in your class. If you are not able to make the copies yourself, let your Room Parent Coordinator know and arrangements can be made to make the copies. If you like, in addition to sending home a hard copy of the roster to all families, feel free to email the roster to the families who provided their email.
  3. PTA developed a template for a welcome letter for you to introduce yourself to the classroom parents. To create the welcome letter, simply fill in the blanks with your contact information on one of the templates provided below (we suggest a phone number and email since some parents don’t have email). There are two different versions of the letter provided one to email if you choose and a paper version to send home.  The paper template for the letter is in English on one side and Spanish on the other so be sure to print it double sided.

If you have any questions, let your PTA’s Room Parent Coordinator know