Room Parent How to: Class Celebrations


All classes celebrate two school-wide events: the Fall Fest at the end of October, and Valentine’s Day on (or close to) February 14. A few weeks before the Fall Fest and Valentine’s Day events, PTA sends a flyer home in all the Wednesday folders.

The flyer includes a sign-up for families to volunteer at the event and/or to bring decor/food/beverage. Families return the form with their Wednesday folder. Teachers collect the flyers returned in the folders.

Step One. Coordinate with your teacher to review the returned flyers and identify what type of help your teacher will need to fill in any volunteer/food/decor/drink gaps.

Step Two. Reach out to class families to fill any gaps so there will be sufficient volunteers, food, and decor. Generally, items are delivered at drop off the morning of the celebration – double check with your teacher.

Step Three. If you can attend, enjoy! If you can’t, it’s OK – you’ll already have coordinated the requisite items and people.


  • Normally a few parent volunteers will suffice to help with the celebration, though more are of course welcome.
  • The food/drink brought in should be enough to serve all of the children in the classroom.
  • PTA encourages that families contribute healthy food and water to drink, as noted on the flyers.
  • For the Valentine’s Day celebration, check out the additional Room Parent How to: Valentine Card Exchange

Additional Celebrations
Different grades may have their own celebrations – for example, Kindergartners have a Thanksgiving feast. Check with your teacher at the beginning of the year for any additional celebrations your teacher anticipates needing parent assistance with during the year. If you are unable to assist with coordination for an additional celebration, identify another parent in the class to take the lead.