Help in a Classroom

Our teachers are in need of extra eyes, ears, and hands in the classroom!

As a classroom volunteer you assist your child’s teacher with daily tasks so that they can focus on the students. Each teacher has different needs but among the tasks are:

  • Assisting students during a variety of activities in their classroom, such as centers, reading groups, and daily jobs
  • Providing assistance for individual students to work on or practice specific skills
  • Compiling classroom work or projects
  • Giving a presentation about something of interest (your profession, a hobby, or a special skill you have)
  • Reading with students
  • Making copies
  • Preparing activities, crafts, and learning-centers
  • Chaperoning field trips

Parental involvement and presents in the classroom has a proven, positive effect on students’ academic performance. Volunteering in the classroom for just three hours over the course of the entire school year is enough to make an impact! By the way, grandparents and other close relatives are welcome to volunteer!

Please make sure you contact your teacher in advance to let them know when you want to come in to help so they can plan accordingly