PTA By-Laws

The by-laws of the Glen Haven, PTA Inc. are posted below for all members. The by-laws were approved by the state of Maryland in July, 2014.

Please note that at the Feb 3, 2015 general meeting it was proposed to add the positions of President-Elect and Treasurer-Elect.  This would bring to seven (7) the total number of elected board positions. Why add more board members?  The additional board member positions would allow the president- and treasurer-elect to shadow the president and treasurer for one year before taking over the position.  This is a way for us to quickly grow the pool of PTA leaders and offer leadership experience for Glen Haven parents, staff, and community members. The change in by laws will be reviewed for motion at the March  3, 2015 PTA meeting.  If the proposed revisions are adopted, elections for the 7 board members will be held at the May 5, 2015 PTA meeting.