Clothing to Cash Collection

If you pass by Glen Haven Elementary School you may notice a white Clothing to Cash collection bin located near the side parking lot.  This bin is used to collect unused and used (in all conditions) clothes, shoes, sneakers, sheets, towels, and textiles.  The unwanted items just need to be placed in a plastic bag and tied prior to putting in the bin.  For every pound collected, Glen Haven Elementary will receive money.  This is a quick and easy way for you to clean out your closets and have the school make money.  The collection bin is open to not only the staff and students, but also the community.  A flyer regarding the program is attached.  Please donate any unwanted goods you may have.  Thank you.

FYI-All collected clothing in:

  • good or better condition is given a second life at thrift stores here in the U.S.  Reworn
  • less than good condition will be Repurposed (I.E. items worn out could be turned into rags )
  • poor condition or less will be processed for recycling. Recycled

Recycling happens as the final option.  Clothing to Cash accepts ALL Clothing, in ALL Conditions, this is what makes Clothing to Cash unique.

Glen Haven ES – Clothing to Cash Flyer