Avanti Athletics, based in Silver Spring, MD, is a premier athletic program designed to help kids progress, continually improve, and love sports.

Class Description

Whether your child is trying soccer for the first time or has been playing for years, Avanti teaches students a variety of agility, core strength, endurance and individual skills that will help them excel on the soccer field. Avanti uses a variety of fun tools and individual ball work that have students moving faster and feeling more confident on the field than ever before. Avanti’s goal is to challenge students to reach new levels of core fitness and develop fundamental soccer skills that will not only help them become better athletes, but will help them exercise creativity and respect for others while developing teamwork skills, exercise habits, and discipline in the process.

Class schedule: Friday

Dates: Sept. 18 – Nov. 20

Grades: K-5

Cost: $77 for 8 weeks ($9.63/class)

Please note that soccer will take place indoors (in the Gym) for the winter session, so space will be limited

To sign up, please visit

If you have questions, please contact:, 301/351-4646