ASK Martial Arts is dedicated to studying and teaching the art of self discipline through Tae Kwon Do (Korean Karate). ASK strives to teach kids life skills that will help them succeed. ASK teaches children with emphasis on respect, listening skills, discipline, self-confidence, focus, and self-defense.

Class Descriptions

Junior Dragons/Pre-Karate K-1: This class is designed to develop life skills with emphasis on self-control for students ages four, five and six. It is a foundation for those not yet ready to begin formal Karate training. Emphasis is on creating, through Karate games and fun exercises, positive habits of:

•Focusing on tasks

•Listening skills and following directions

•Fostering positive behavior

•Developing gross motor coordination

Dragons 2-5: This class incorporates Tae Kwon Do training for Lower Belts and Upper Belts as each child progresses. The principal goals of the Lower Belt Curriculum are:

•Learning and solidifying the basics of Class Etiquette – Roll call, standing at attention, when to bow, etc

•Learning how to stretch your muscles safely

•Learning basic calisthenics to begin building muscle tone

•Learning the beginning movements, stances, blocks, punches and kicks

•Learning the basics of human physiology, from a personal, defensive and offensive viewpoint

•Learning how to develop basic concentration skills or focus

The focus of the Upper Belt Curriculum is developing all the techniques in the Lower Belt Curriculum with greater skill and precision. Additional techniques, patterns, moves and defenses are introduced.

Class schedule: Dragons for 2nd-5th graders Tuesday, Jr. Dragons PreK-1st graders Thursday

Dates: Grades 2-5 Starts Sept. 22, Grades PreK-1 Starts Sept. 24

Grades: K-5

Cost: $79 for 9 weeks ($8.70/class) for K-1, $84 for grades 2-5

To sign up please visit http://www.askmartialarts.org.

If you have questions, please contact: ask.martialarts@yahoo.com, 301/251-0660