PTA Meeting Notes – Oct 3, 2022

Call to Order: The PTA met on Monday, October 3, 2022 in-person at the All-Purpose Room of
Glen Haven Elementary School. President Ally Nelson called the meeting to Order at 6:30 pm.
Present: President Ally Nelson, President-elect Christine Halpin, Vice President for
Communications Liz Crocker, Treasurer Shazi Spieler, Treasurer-elect Alex DeWire, Secretary
Katie Campana-Scherer, Delegate Doug Ryan, Principal Strain, Prospective and current PTA

  • 19 sign-ins.
  • Minutes:
    ● Call to order from PTA President
    • Introduction to PTA (what we do, importance of volunteers, how funds are used
      for students)
    • Glen Haven staff announcements
      • Upcoming events (Walk to School day 10/12; Book Fair starts 10/10; parent
        volunteer training 10/17; Open House 11/11; Kids helping Kids food drive 10/03-
        – November’s PTA meeting speaker will focus on mental health in children.
        – All students will get glen haven t-shirts!
        – Staff Shoutouts!
        – GHES data: demographics and assessments.
      • PTA announcements and updates
        – Membership: current 44 members (goal 150 members).
        – Communications: follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and our newsletter.
        – Community Engagement (update from VP Adina Holmes): Sweep the Creek was
        a few weeks ago; NAACP Parents Council has an Enriched Studies program;
        Saturday School started October 1; November is Veterans and Military Family
        – Events and information updates: Book Fair is next week; Room Parents are
        needed; new design for Spirit Wear is coming; necessity of fundraising.
  • Finances and proposed budget: Projected income $12,500; projected revenue: $12,500. Goal is to minimize rolling over of funds, so that the money PTA raises has a quick turn around for supporting events and programming.
  • Delegate update regarding BOE candidate falsely claiming MCCPT endorsements.
  • PTA Order of business:
    • Quorum of 10+ members established.
    • Vote on 2022-2023 Budget for Glen Haven PTA, Inc.
      • Motion to vote Proposed: Katie Campana-Scherer.
      • Motion to vote Seconded: Liz Crocker, Doug Ryan.
      • Vote: All in Favor; No Nays. Budget passes.
  • Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 8 pm.

Minutes prepared by Kathryn Campana-Scherer, Secretary

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