Proposed slate for PTA positions 2022-2023

Proposed Slate for PTA positions and roles: 2022-23
PositionAgreed to Serve
Executive Committee 
PresidentAllyson Nelson
President-electChristine Halpin
Vice PresidentAdina Holmes
Vice President – CommunicationsVacant
TreasurerShazi Spieler
Treasurer-electAlex DeWire
SecretaryKatie Campana-Scherer
DelegateDoug Ryan
Committee/Task Leads 
MembershipChristine Halpin
Staff AppreciationVacant
Communications(n/a: VP Communication leads)
Room ParentsVacant
After School ActivitiesVacant
Fundraising and Community EventsVacant
Fundraising. and Community Events activities: [These are largely dependent on our access to the school, so: TBD] 
Book FairsVacant
Movie NightsVacant
Spirit WearCorinna Burnham
Dine Out NightsVacant
2nd Cup of CoffeeVacant
Box TopsVacant
Election Day Bake Sale (when applicable)Vacant
Sweep the CreekVacant

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