PTA General Meeting November 2020

PTA Meeting Minutes

3rd PTA General Meeting: November 10, 2020

Call to Order: The PTA Executive Board met on Tuesday, November 10, 2020 VIRTUALLY via Zoom video conferencing. President Jessica Sniffin called the meeting to Order at 7:02 pm.

Present: Jessica Sniffin, John Nangle, Catherine Beaudette, Katie Campana-Scherer, Doug Ryan, Principal Heifetz, Vice Principal Mackall, Prospective and current PTA Members

– Quorum of 10+ members present; 21 sign-ins via Zoom.


  • Call to order and announcements from PTA President (Jessica Sniffin)
    • First seven sign-ons will get free PTA memberships for this year
    • We are one-third of the way to our  member goal
    • Information about how to join PTA
  • Announcements from Glen Haven staff (Principals Heifetz and Mackall)
    • Information about parent-teacher conferences
    • Parent VUE accounts: families need to update information to access information about grades
      • New codes are needed if not active by October 21
      • One account per adult (linked with all related students)
      • Add Health information to portal
  • Meeting ended due to profanity-laced Zoom bomb at 7:37 pm
  • Meeting resumed at 7:43 pm (15 sign-ins via Zoom)
  • Announcements from Glen Haven staff (Principals Heifetz and Mackall)
    • Flu clinic November 21 at Dennis Avenue Health Center
  • Interactive
    • Parent questions & concerns
      • What are apps for communication?
      • Will missing assignments be visible on Parent VUE?
      • How can we deal with isolation?
      • How can we share ideas for interactions?
      • Can we have a forum between parents and teachers?
      • Can PTA schedule or consider creative solutions for interactions?
      • Opportunities to do inter-grade level activities?
    • Ideas for interactions
      • Zoom Fall fest
      • Room parents and directories
      • Drive-in ideas?
      • After-school activities (e.g. Drama club, Minority Scholars program, Safety Patrol)
      • Scavenger hunts
      • Dance parties
  • PTA reminders
    • Scholastic Book fair will be taking place November 23 to December 6 (link in Scoop)
    • Spiritwear available for purchase on MemberHub site.
    • Box Tops for Education.
  • Adjournment:
    • Meeting adjourned at 8:37 pm

Minutes prepared by Kathryn Campana-Scherer, Secretary

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