PTA General Meeting January 2021

PTA Meeting Minutes

5th PTA General Meeting: January 5, 2021

Call to Order: The PTA Executive Board met on Tuesday, January 5, 2021 VIRTUALLY via Zoom video conferencing. President Jessica Sniffin called the meeting to Order at 7:06 pm.

Present: Jessica Sniffin, Catherine Beaudette, Roxana Finkelberg, Shahrzad Spieler, Katie Campana-Scherer, Doug Ryan, Principal Heifetz, Assistant Principal Mackall, School Counselor Willis, Prospective and current PTA Members

– 13 sign-ins via Zoom.


  • Call to order from PTA President (Jessica Sniffin)
  • Announcements from Glen Haven staff (Principal Heifetz)
    • End of marking period near; materials for next period need to be distributed.
    • Board of Education will meet January 12 to discuss Montgomery County metrics.
    • Colgate Dental Van will be here next week.
    • Fifth grade teachers met with Sligo Middle School staff to discuss rising middle school students.
      • Sligo staff will visit with fifth graders February 5.
      • CES and magnet school applications will look different than in past.
    • Montgomery County still contemplating when return to in-person school should start.
      • Intention is to give parents opportunity to opt-in to in-person instruction.
    • Student surveys
      • Consisted of binary (K-2nd grades) and likert scale items (3rd– 5th grades), as well as open-ended questions.
      • Data looks positive and several themes were identified.
  • PTA announcements
    • We need feedback on students’ and community needs. Follow up needed on assessing needs for: information; clothing; mental health access; meals; gasoline; PPE; cleaning supplies; personal hygiene products.
  • Interactive
    • Parent questions & concerns
      • What do we know about the “lost” kids?
      • How can we support staff?
      • How many families are receiving meals?
      • Any decline in requests from families?
      • How did Teacher Appreciation go?
      • Can families bring needed items into school?
  • Adjournment:
    • Meeting adjourned at 8:39 pm

Minutes prepared by Kathryn Campana-Scherer, Secretary

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