PTA General Meeting December 2020

PTA Meeting Minutes

4th PTA General Meeting: December 01, 2020

Call to Order: The PTA Executive Board met on Tuesday, December 01, 2020 VIRTUALLY via Zoom video conferencing. President Jessica Sniffin called the meeting to Order at 6:59 pm.

Present: Jessica Sniffin, Catherine Beaudette, Roxana Finkelberg, Shahrzad Spieler, Katie Campana-Scherer, Doug Ryan, Principal Heifetz, Prospective and current PTA Members

– 13 sign-ins via Zoom.


  • Call to order from PTA President (Jessica Sniffin)
  • Announcements from Glen Haven staff (Principal Heifetz)
    • Online parent workshop offered December 08 by Military Family Life Center: “Creating New Holiday Traditions and Managing Holiday Stress”
    • Parent survey of virtual learning: 55 responses
      • Will be the focus of leadership meeting December 02
    • Accessing Parent VUE
      • How to find MAP report and Marking Period 1 report card
    • MAP report
      • What it will look like (e.g., math data, math goals, language arts goals, lexile range)
      • Limitation of reports: Virtual data collection was not ideal
    • Parent preference survey for virtual versus in-person return due December 03
      • The model GHES adopts to return to in-person school will be based on Montgomery County data
      • Considerations: creating safe cohorts to control use of and movement within the space; no parents or volunteers in building
    • Please reach out for mental health, financial, and food resources.
  • PTA announcements
    • Scholastic Book fair will be taking place online, and ends December 06 (link in Scoop).
    • Fundraisers: Box Tops for Education.
    • Drama club fundraiser selling gift wrap will fund their scripts and music, and ends December 03.
    • County Board of Education meetings are available to stream online, and are posted on MCPS website.
    • Please use Directory link to sign up your families.
    • See Room Parent Google form and Suggestion Box form.
  • Interactive
    • Parent questions & concerns
      • How do survey answers impact planning?
      • Thoughts about summer school?
      • When is in-person instruction theoretically starting?
        • January 12 for SCB
        • February 1 for large groups, starting with Kindergarten and first grades
      • Can we match reading levels with available books at the Scholastic Book fair?
        • Lexile level can be found by searching individual titles
        • Media Center has resources to search reading level
      • What does a virtual room parent DO?
        • Suggestions: reach out to teachers and parents regarding support needed; coordinate signs of appreciation
  • Adjournment:
    • Meeting adjourned at 8:22 pm

Minutes prepared by Kathryn Campana-Scherer, Secretary

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