Your GHES Community Needs Your Help

January 8, 2021

Dear Glen Haven Families, 

Last April, our community was able to help some of our families who were having a particularly hard time at the start of the coronavirus outbreak.  We collected over $3,000 in donations for grocery store gift cards for these families.  Now, several months later as this virus continues be a threat to our community and many have lost jobs, families continue to struggle to afford food and other basic necessities. We would like to continue helping so we can all get through these times together!

Despite the efforts of MCPS to distribute meals to students, many families still need support.  

You can help! 

Over the next couple weeks, we will be holding a drive for Giant and Safeway gift cards for Glen Haven families in need. Two parent volunteers will coordinate the donations and deliver them to Ms. Willis, our school’s counselor.  Ms. Willis will then distribute the gift cards to the families who need them. 

If you would like to contribute:

E-payments to GHES Parent Coordinator –  Gift Cards Will Be Purchased and Distributed by the first week of February.

Donations of any amount are appreciated for the grocery cards, but if you can contribute $50, it will go a long way toward helping a family afford necessities like food and diapers.  Using PayPal, send your contribution to Roxana Finkelberg.  She will then go to Giant and Safeway to purchase the gift cards.  Please email Roxana directly at to confirm receipt of your electronic donation. 

Safeway and GiantSend PayPal Donations to: select friends and family)

Please donate before Jan 22nd. We will post an update shortly after showing the total amount raised. 

If you have any questions, please email Catherine at

Thank you so much!  


Catherine Beaudette and Roxana Finkelberg

Parent Volunteers of GHES

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