PTA General Meeting September 2020

PTA Meeting Minutes

1st PTA General Meeting: September 8, 2020

Call to Order: The PTA Executive Board met on Tuesday, September 8, 2020 VIRTUALLY via Zoom video conferencing. President Jessica Sniffin called the meeting to Order at 7 pm.

Present: Jessica Sniffin, John Nangle, Roxana Finkelberg, Catherine Beaudette, Shahrzad Spieler, Katie Campana-Scherer, Doug Ryan, Principal Heifetz, Vice Principal Mackall, Prospective and current PTA Members (Ms. Willis; Rakola family; Hawaz family; Hornung family; Halpin family).

– Quorum of 10+ members present; 46 sign-ins via Zoom.


  • Introduction to executive committee from PTA President (Jessica Sniffin)
Glen Haven PTA Leadership Team – 2020-2021
Executive Committee 
PresidentJessica Sniffin
Vice PresidentJohn Nangle
Vice President – CommunicationsRoxana Finkelberg
TreasurerCatherine Beaudette
Treasurer ElectShahrzad Spieler
SecretaryKatie Campana-Scherer
DelegatesDoug Ryan
  • Introduction and welcome from Glen Haven staff (Principals Heifetz and Mackall)
  • President’s presentation
    • Mission statement
    • What does the PTA do?
    • How you can get involved
  • Treasurer’s report (Catherine Beaudette)
    • 2020-2021 Membership Goals: 150 members 
    • Budget for 2020-2021
      • Reviewed: Catherine Beaudette
      • Motion proposed: Katie Campana-Scherer
      • Second:  Doug Ryan
  • MAP testing presentation by Glen Haven staff (Ms. Lucina)
  • Announcements
    • Upcoming events
      • Instrumental Music information sessions: 9/10 at 12 pm and 6 pm
      • Back to School Night: 9/17 at 6 pm and 6:55 pm
      • Principal’s Book of the Month: 9/25
      • No school 9/28
      • Early release 10/02
    • Contacting PTA President:
    • Reminders
      • Activate Synergy Parent VUE
        • Contact Ms. Cuya or Ms. Burger to get activation letter
    • Next PTA meeting: October 6
  • Interactive
    • Parent questions & concerns
      • What can we do to cheer kids up? Engender a sense of connection?
        • President response: Hoping to use class directories; will need room parent support to help parents connect
      • How can we use Zoom for kid and family support?
        • Principal response: have been considering support staff for Zoom lunches; need to use directory for additional parent support
    • President request for emailing additional ideas for family and child support
    • PTA meeting ideas?
      • Using Class Dojo
  • Adjournment
    • Meeting adjourned at 8:23 pm

Minutes prepared by Kathryn Campana-Scherer, Secretary

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