For Incoming Kindergarten Families

Hello! Thank you for registering your child for kindergarten at Glen Haven Elementary School for the 2020-2021 school year! By now, I am sure most of you know that MCPS is starting school all online and I am sure this raises many questions! We wish we could meet each of you in person, but since that is not possible, our kindergarten team made this welcome video for you!  We will be able to share more specific information soon about kindergarten in the fall.

If you have not yet completed the registration process, please contact one of our secretaries Ms. Kimberly Berger at or Ms. Yesenia Cuya at for assistance to complete the process. There are certain forms and documents that must be received before we can add your child to a class.
In the meantime, we are inviting all families to participate in the MCPS Kindergarten Jumpstart program. This 20 day, fully online,self-paced summer program offers opportunities to engage in a series of online and hands-on learning experiences that will helppreparethem for Kindergarten in the Fall; 10 days of reading and 10 days of math. The program is not required for incomingKindergartners. Itbegins August 3rd and continues through the beginning of the school year.
Below are some links to suggestions for what parents can do to help your child feel ready for kindergarten:


Mrs. Cassandra Heifetz

Principal GHES


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