After School Programs Winter 2016 and a Survey

Here is the latest information we have about after school programs beginning in January 2016. In addition, we’d also like your help in knowing more about what kinds of extracurricular activities that you’d like to see at GHES in the spring, so please take our quick survey before the holidays.

A.S.K. Martial Arts
Tuesdays starting 1/19 for Grades 2-5 (9 weeks)
$89 per child
Belt test on 3/23

Thursdays starting 1/21 for Junior Dragons, Ages 4,5,6 (9 weeks)
$79 per child
Dragon test 3/10

Avanti Basketball
Mondays starting 1/11 through 3/21 (8 weeks)
$77 per child
No class on 1/18, 1/25 or 2/15

Avanti Soccer
Fridays starting 1/22-3/18 (8 weeks)
$77 per child
No class 2/26

Audubon Nature Club
Grades K-2
Wednesdays starting 1/13 (6 weeks)
$55 per child

Big Learning Science & Engineering
Do your kids like to build towers then destroy them? Would they like to design their own roller coaster or catapult? Then sign up now for Big Learning Science! This winter the afterschool science classes focus on engineering. Grades K-2 will learn how to build tall towers, strong bridges, and much more. Grades 3-5 will find out about roller coasters, catapults, rockets, and other exciting projects.

Mondays starting 1/11 (8 weeks)
$100 per child

Remember, please take our quick survey!

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