It’s Box Tops Time

Dear Glen Haven Family and Friends:

Box Tops for Education (BTFE) is a great and EASY way to raise money for our school.

BTFE Fundraising Updates:

Last year the PTA set a goal of raising $375 from box tops. But the Glen Haven families outdid themselves and raised $1,222 (a 226% increase over what was budgeted)!

After that huge success, the PTA has set the goal for this year at $1,200 in box tops and here’s how you can help.

Start collecting box tops:

  1. Clip the Box Top off off common products we all buy like Chex cereal, Ziploc baggies, Hefty trash bags, Progresso soup, etc.
  2. Glue to Box Top on to the BTFE sheet (make sure to put your child’s teacher’s name on the form)
  3. Turn in the sheet(s) at school–either at the front office or to your child’s teacher.

BTFE collection sheets are available in the following places:

  • Sheets will be sent home periodically in the Wednesday folders that your child brings home from school
  • By going to the BTFE website and printing them off (one in English, one in Spanish)

2015-16 Goal: $1,200

Here is an update on how many Box Tops were collected in September:

September submission total: $112.10 (9.3% of year end goal)

September Classroom Leaders:
1st Place – Ms. Clayton’s Homeroom with $33.60 collected
2nd Place – Ms. Rykoskey’s class with $19.40 collected
3rd Place – Ms. Goldman’s class with $8.60 collected.

Keep up the good work, Glen Haven!

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